15th Annual Sports Day.(2)
15th Annual Sports Day.
Primary School Transition Evening.
Halloween Themed Birthday Party.(2)
Halloween Themed Birthday Party.
Red China Birthday Party
China week activity
Happily making Moon Cakes
September 2nd Starting the new school term
Easter event celebration Activity 2
Easter event celebration Activity
Happy China National Day
Mid-Autumn Moon Cakes
2014 Opening Day
English Teachers¡¯ Literacy Workshop
Caring Hearts (2)
Caring Hearts (1)
Teachers¡¯ Observations
Sports Day£¨3£©
Sports Day£¨2£©
Sports Day £¨1£©
Prospective student open day
Spring field trip
Teacher sharing session
Workshop ¨C Student Led Conference
Professional Development
Meeting of the Math Team
Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten Pudong is accepting new students
Shanghai Victoria Kindergarten£¨Pudong£©2015 application form
Safety Day
Birthday party for August and September kids
Teacher and Classroom Arrangements For the New Term.
Chief Principle Maggie Kong was awarded the Bronze Bauhinia Star
Recruiting new students for 2013-2014
Student Application Form for 2013-2014
February and March Birthday Parties(2013.3.4)
Community Appreciation(2013.2.22)
Chinese New Year Concerts(2013.2.21)
Chinese New Year Week - the celebration of new term(2013.2.18)
Teaching in Gnasu(4)
Teaching in Gansu(9)
Teaching in Gansu(7-3)
Teaching in Gansu(8)
Good news
Chinese New Year themed Birthday Party
Fire drills
Autumn outings
Halloween Activities
China Day
Shanghai Victoria Graduation Ceremony!
K3 Exhibition Show!
International Children¡¯s Day
Units of Inquiry
Shanghai Victoria Sports Day
Birthday Party Extravaganza!
Fire Station Excitement!

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